A flashlight survival kit is a must for every car, home, and outdoorsy adventure. These kits are great because they include emergency gear like a pocket knife, rope, multi-tool, lighter, and other tactical accessories.

Proper lighting is vital in an emergency kit – light can help you fix things, see where you are going, or spot approaching danger if you get trapped or stuck in some unforeseen situations. 

In this buying guide, we will take a look at some of the best emergency flashlights to add to your little survival kit.  

What is a Survival or Tactical Flashlight?

Survival flashlights can differ quite a lot from your average household flashlight because they are usually designed to handle specific elements or to provide you with the needed light for specific scenarios. 

Tactical flashlights usually have a tougher construction so they can be dropped or exposed to light rains without being ruined. This can be a very helpful feature if you find yourself stuck at a roadside in the middle of a storm or if you are out camping or hunting.

Survival flashlights often have multiple applications. They usually have more than one light feature so you can perform different types of tasks at night and they can have other accessories in their design like a small window hammer or a cutting tool.

These flashlights usually offer more than just light. For instance, Hiking and camping flashlights often have hooks or carabiners to help you keep them close by without losing them. They are often solar rechargeable or can be recharged with kinetic energy so you can still get light even if you run out of spare batteries.

The 5 Best Torches for Your Flashlight Survival Kit

Humans have been obsessed with producing light in darkness since the dawn of time. This obsession has given rise to many different lighting solutions including handheld flashlight designs from many brands and suppliers. 

While it is great to have plenty of quality products to choose from, picking one good torch from so many diverse options can be overwhelming. This is exactly where our guide comes in. 

After considerable research, we shortlisted some of the best and brightest flashlights to include in your survival kit. Here is a look at our top picks. 

1. The GearLight LED Flashlight – The Overall Best Flashlight for Survival Kits

The GearLight LED Flashlight

  • BRIGHT – The S2000 is GearLight’s biggest and brightest flashlight. Its ultra-wide beam effortlessly illuminates an entire backyard, and has double the lumen output as other tactical flashlights.
  • DURABLE – This high-powered flash light is virtually indestructible. Made from military-grade aluminum, it’s also water-resistant and strong enough to survive a 10-foot drop.
  • MID-SIZE – These flash lights are big on power, but still compact enough to fit in your backpack, survival bag, or glove compartment. Ideal for outdoor adventures and preparedness.
  • VALUE – This emergency light comes with (1) S2000 flashlight, (1) AA battery holder (batteries not included), (1) lanyard, and (1) user manual.
  • SIZE – Measuring ‎7.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches, this heavy duty tactical flashlight works great as a hiking or camping flashlight. They’re also great flashlights for emergencies outdoors or at home.

The GearLight LED flashlight is our top pick. This tiny yet tough flashlight offers all the features you need to get you through a survival situation. 

This is a good option for people who need a durable product they can rely on over many years because it is made from tough anodized aluminum materials. The tactical torch is weather-resistant, and it won’t let you down no matter how bad the weather gets.

We also love its compact size – it is small enough to fit snugly in your hand, glove compartment, or even handbag and the textured design helps you keep a good grip even when your hands get sweaty or slippery. 

The GearLight flashlight is the most powerful on our list since it can produce a beam of up to 1200 lumens of light. It also comes with other features like zoom that allow you to control the amount of light the torch offers. The push-button design on the back makes for easy use, although it can sometimes be difficult to find the light mode you need. 

This flashlight requires 4 AA batteries to function. When your batteries run low, you can easily replace them with fresh ones and be good to go. 


  • Dimensions – 7.68 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches
  • Weight – 10.8 ounces
  • Main materials – Anodized aluminum
  • Color – Black
  • Water-resistance – Weather resistant
  • Impact resistance – Drop-resistant
  • Versatility – Multiple modes, zoom, and high lumen beam
  • Switches – Button press at torch back
  • Battery type – 4 x AA (Not included)
  • Bulb type – XM-L2 LED with up to 1200 lumens
  • Included – Torch only


  • The torch is nice and weighed but not too heavy
  • It has a textured body for a firm hold
  • The moving parts all react very smoothly
  • The beam width or zoom is adjustable
  • It is easy to switch between different light modes
  • The conventional AA batteries are easy to find
  • The 1200 lumen beam is very powerful
  • The torch is drop-resistant and weather-resistant
  • Made from durable materials


  • Batteries are not rechargeable and can be tricky to remove
  • Finding the right model can be annoying

2. The Eveready LED Flashlight Multi-Pack – The Best Budget Flashlight Pack for Survival Kits

The Eveready LED Flashlight Multi-Pack

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHT LED flashlight produces bright white light for a variety of tasks around the house
  • EASY TO USE the ribbed casing gives you a secure, easy grip; Easy-to-operate, no-hassle switch. Great flashlights for kids; Very easy for all ages to operate.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED Comes with 2 Eveready D batteries and 4 AA Eveready batteries – so you have power and light when you need it; Great LED flashlights to keep around the house to use as emergency lights; Stay ready for power outages and storms.
  • LIFETIME LED BULB lifetime LED bulb never needs to be replaced; This gives you peace of mind and safety when the power goes out.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE 60 hours of battery life so you have light when you need it; The perfect flash light to have in emergencies, storms etc. The perfect flashlights to keep around for hurricane supplies, camping accessories etc.

This Eveready LED flashlight multi-pack is perfect for those who are shopping on a tight budget or for people who might be buying in bulk. With these sets, you can have a backup flashlight in every vehicle, bedroom, and in your travel kit without breaking the bank.

There are two types of sets. They both offer the same amount of light (25 lumens) but include different styles of batteries. The smaller flashlight takes 4 AA batteries and can provide you with up to 30 hours of light, while the larger accepts D cell batteries and will provide you with up to 60 hours of light.

This emergency flashlight has a simple design, is affordable, and has only one light mode. The 20 lumens are ideal for working in the dark but insufficient to see obstacles from far away. Due to its flat base, the flashlight can be put upright – small stands on one side prevent it from rolling away when you lay it flat. 

One flashlight is blue and the other one is red so you can easily tell which one might have a depleted battery. The bright red flashlight is very easy to spot in low light conditions so you won’t have any trouble finding it. 


  • Main materials – Chloroprene plastic
  • Color – Red and blue
  • Water-resistance – None
  • Impact resistance – None
  • Versatility – Beam only
  • Switches – Pushbutton switch on torch side
  • Battery type – 2 x D batteries, 4 x AA batteries (included) (Up to 60 hours of battery life)
  • Bulb type – Lifetime LED (25 lumens)
  • Included – 2 / 4 flashlights and batteries


  • Bright enough for close up tasks
  • Very easy to operate since it only has one mode switch
  • The torch design has stands on the sides so you can lay it flat or put it upright 
  • The thick plastic is durable
  • The torch is light so it can likely handle a fall without being damaged
  • Very good battery life: 30 hours for AA battery torch and 60 hours for D battery torch
  • Two torch options or battery options to choose from
  • Their bright colors make them easy to spot


  • The standard flashlight is not bright enough for long distances
  • The AA and D battery torches offer the same amount of light 

3. The Simpeak 2-Pack Hand Crank Solar Flashlight – The Best Solar Flashlight for Survival Kits

The Simpeak 2-Pack Hand Crank Solar Flashlight

  • Emergency Army Green Hand Crank Torch, Built-In Rechargeable battery, conveniently generates power for more than 10 minutes’ lighting by 1 minute’s crank (basing one speed of two round per second).
  • Solar panel as a back-up powering method absorbs all kinds of light, such as strong and medium sunlight, lamp light and more.
  • Ergonomic and rugged design is comfortable and secure to grip in hand. Perfect for daily, emergency and outdoor lighting.
  • The built-in durable carabiner securely clips to your backpack, ideal for outdoor activities.Portable Size for out door use:124x45x32mm/86g.
  • What you get: 100% Brand New Simpeak Hand Crank and Solar Flashlight, user manual, unprecedented 2-year worry-free and 24 hours customer service.

The Simpeak hand crank solar flashlight is an ideal accessory to add to your survival backpack or to use for night walking. This set includes two army green flashlights that will fit in any camping bag. They also come with a carabiner back so you can hook them safely onto your backpack or belt.

While the tactical flashlight isn’t waterproof or impact-resistant, it is made from thick and durable ABS plastic, so it should be able to handle light hits and bumps. 

This flashlight isn’t overly bright, but at 50 lumens it will give you plenty of light during emergencies. It offers a side-fitted switch and only one light beam setting.

What makes this flashlight ideal for an emergency kit is its rechargeable battery and solar panel. Simply leave it out in the sun and the battery will fully charge within 10 hours of direct sunlight. Once fully charged, it can be used for up to 10 hours. 

If the battery runs low, turning the swift crank for one minute will give you about 10 minutes of emergency light. 


  • Dimensions – 124 x 45 x 32 millimeters
  • Weight – 869 grams
  • Main materials – ABS plastic
  • Color – Army green
  • Versatility – Solar charge, crank charge, belt clip, and beam light only
  • Switches – Push switch on the side
  • Battery type – Rechargeable via solar or hand crank
  • Bulb type – LED (about 50 lumens)
  • Included – Two flashlights


  • The 2 pack is good for a backup in case one torch battery runs flat
  • The plastic is thick and strong
  • The army green color is ideal for camping accessories or tactical gear
  • Very good product for emergencies
  • Turning the crank for 1 minute will give you 10 minutes of backup light
  • The crank and solar design ensures that you never run out of light
  • An eco-friendly torch solution since no batteries are discarded
  • The backpack clip keeps your torch close by  


  • It can take up to 10 hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery
  • Replacement batteries can’t be used if the battery is flat
  • Not waterproof or impact resistant

4. The PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Flashlight – The Runner Up Solar Flashlight For An Emergency Kit

The PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Flashlight

  • BRIGHT LED BULB: This solar powered torch light is equipped with an LED bulb, to shine brighter than other small flashlights. Put it in the sun or wind it up to recharge.
  • EFFICIENT: 6min of winding or cranking generates 1hr of light. Internal battery stores solar & cranking power so you always have a charged self powered hand cranked flashlight source ready.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: With a convenient carabiner that can hook on a backpack or keychain, your super small flashlight is easy to travel with and a great addition to your hiking survival gear.
  • OUTDOOR SUPPLIES: The perfect addition to your emergency earthquake pack, survival gear or bug out bag. Whether backpacking or rock climbing, this no battery spotlight is a must have.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If at any time you are not happy with your flashlight return it for a full refund

When disaster strikes, you will want this little flashlight at your side. Backpackers who look for an eco-friendly and reliable light source for their emergency kit may want to consider the PrimalCamp solar flashlight. It is environmentally friendly since it can recharge via the sun or kinetic energy, so no more batteries will be discarded.

The LED flashlight has only one light beam setting that you can switch on via the side-fitted switch. This light isn’t overly bright but it certainly offers enough light for basic campsite tasks or nighttime chores. If the battery runs low, you can quickly turn the crank to produce more light. The torch can be recharged in sunlight, providing you with up to 10 hours of light with a full battery. 

The bright yellow color of the flashlight helps you easily see in limited light conditions. You are also very unlikely to lose hold of it since it has a carabiner that can clip onto your backup. 


  • Dimensions – 5.51 x 1.65 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight – 3.05 ounces
  • Main materials – ABS
  • Color – Yellow
  • Versatility – Solar recharge, hand crank recharge, belt carabiner, and beam light
  • Switches – Side fitted push switch
  • Battery type –  NiMH battery rechargeable via crank or solar (10 hours light to fully recharge)
  • Bulb Type – LED
  • Included – One flashlight


  • Made from durable plastic materials 
  • The torch can offer up to 10 hours of light when fully charged
  • It has a small and convenient size for backpacking and traveling
  • The carabiner design ensures that you won’t lose your torch
  • The carabiner design ensures that you won’t lose your torch
  • The solar design is eco friendly and you never have to buy or waste batteries again
  • 6 Minutes of crank winding will give you up to 1 hour of light
  • With this torch, you will never be left in the dark 


  • Not waterproof or impact-resistant
  • It takes up to 10 hours to fully recharge the battery through sunlight
  • Replacement batteries can’t be used if the battery is flat

5. The Carelite Multi-Function LED Work Light – The Best Multi-Purpose Work Light for Survival Kits

The Carelite Multi-Function LED Work Light

  • 5-in-1 Versatility: Flood beam work light, flash torch light, flash beacon, car window hammer breaker and belt razor cutter. To be used for all kinds of activities you need light on such as camping, fishing, household, mechanic, workshop, automobile and roadside emergency repairs.
  • 3 Lighting Switches: ON1 for 3-Watt COB, ON2 for 1-Watt Torch and ON3 for Red roadside hazard flash beacon; 3 X AA batteries already included for ready use.
  • Potential Safety Assurance: High hardness alloy safety hammer to break your car window and a hidden cutter with sharp razor blade to cut your seat belt make it possible for you to get off your car efficiently and safely during the most unpredictable emergencies.
  • Hands Free Use: Equipped with strong magnets imbedded on the rear battery cover, the emergency light can stick tightly on ferrous metal surface, such as car, truck and machine when working or repairing, magnets can definitely free your 2 hands.
  • Water Proof and Impact Resistant: The flashlight can be used in all kinds of weathers, with the sealed on/off switch and perfectly sealed construction, you don’t have to let the water drops, splashes and rain drop stop your work outdoor or indoor; IK07 industrial protection, it even can withstand being run over by vehicles.

The Carelite LED work light is specially designed to assist you with car emergencies like crashes or breakdowns. The little torch has three different light options that are powered by 2 AA batteries that you can easily replace if they run low.

The 270-lumen flood beam is ideal for getting a clear look at your environment or for spotting threats at a distance. The lower 100-lumen offers plenty of light to change a tire or check out the engine. A flash beacon will also keep you safe if you get stranded in the middle of the road because it will signal other approaching vehicles. 

This high-quality flashlight offers other accessories like a little hammer to break car windows if you get stuck in your vehicle or a belt razor that doubles as a survival knife so you can get out of your seat after a crash.

The torch might be made from plastic but it is durable and has an IPX4 splash-resistant rating. 

When you consider all of these specs, it becomes clear that this flashlight is a must for every car glove compartment. 


  • Dimensions – 0.54 pounds
  • Weight – 8.6 ounces
  • Main materials – Plastic 
  • Color – Orange
  • Water-resistance – Yes
  • Impact resistance – Yes
  • Versatility – Flood beam, torchlight, flash beacon, car window breaker, and belt razor cutter
  • Switches – 3 (beam on, torch on, and red roadside hazard on)
  • Battery type – 2 x AA batteries 
  • Bulb type – LED (100 – 270 lumen output)
  • Included – Flashlight only


  • Multi-purpose design is perfect for emergencies
  • The glass hammer can be used to smash your car window if you get stuck
  • It can cut the seatbelt so you can get out of your car
  • The work light design is ideal for camping
  • An emergency beam light will enhance your visibility at night
  • The beam light is very powerful at 270 lumens
  • Compact design so you can easily fit it in the car glove compartment
  • Impact-resistant and water-resistant, which is perfect for roadside emergencies


  • Buyers may prefer something brighter

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helped you find a great flashlight to include in your survival kit. If you need other emergency gear like an inflatable fishing boat or a hiking survival kit, then you should have a look at some of the other guides we have on The Preparedness Experience. Our site is packed with product reviews on all the best survival accessories for outdoorsy adventures.

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