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Dale Goodwin - SurvivalistPrepper.net

Over at SurvivalistPrepper.net My wife Lisa and I do a weekly podcast, and run the Survivalist Prepper Academy. Our main goal is to help people who are just getting interested in preparedness, and also people who are feeling a little overwhelmed.

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Ryan Mitchell - TheTinyLife.com

A published author, full time blogger, and world explorer; Ryan Mitchell has been building exciting things all his life. Build his tiny house in 2013, he lives off the grid full time, focusing on simple living and homesteading.

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Brian Duff - Mind4Survival.com

Brian Duff is the go to resource for concerned people who want to improve their safety, security and preparedness. He is a proud former Army Ranger, Paramedic, Firefighter, High Threat Security Specialist and International Security Director who has served and protected people around the globe for decades.

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