There is one main reason I started in Preparedness. It came from a time of prayer.

I am a bi-vocational pastor and I also work in education.  As a result, I take the Christmas break to pray and seek the Lord on what the focus for the next year should be.  Until 2009, it had always been a more positive approach I felt the Lord leading me to.  

But the Winter of 2009 would lead me in a different direction.  I felt the Lord leading me to tell people to “prepare.”  For what, I wasn’t sure.  It wasn’t like “prepare for the Second Coming, although everyone should be prepared spiritually for that.  It was more like “prepare for hard times.”  

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but the Lord has a funny way of leading you to the right thing.

Right before Winter Break, we had a big staff development on campus.  Everyone knew each other, but the presenter still wanted us to go around the room and introduce ourselves and share one thing that no one else knew about us.  I leaned towards my principal and told her I was going to have some fun with this one.

When it came to my turn, I said, “Hi, I’m Todd Sepulveda.  I’m the assistant principal.  One thing you don’t know about me is that I’m the webmaster for Houston Zombies dot com.”  The room busted out in “what” and laughter and questions.  Since I’m a ham and I had the opportunity, I continued, “Yes, we sell zombie costumes, zombie makeup, zombie books, etc…”

Even during the staff development breaks, teachers were asking me about Houston Zombies.  I continued the ruse although they could have easily gone to Houston Zombies dot com and realized it wasn’t a real website.

Back to the Winter Break…

As I was taking it easy and bored during my break, I decided to see if I could register Houston Zombies dot com and have some fun.  I had played around with websites before, but nothing too serious.  I found that I could register a domain and get cheap hosting and decided to do it.  I spent time that Winter Break filling up my new site with all kinds of zombie related stuff.  I even made a store on Amazon.

While searching for zombie websites, I stumbled on some preparedness sites.  Many of you know that the Zombie Apocalypse is a metaphor for Preparedness.  One preparedness site led to another… well, you know how it goes.

Something happened when I started reading those preparedness sites.  I really felt like this was what the Lord was meaning when I felt that I should tell others to prepare.  It was a confirmation in my spirit.

I changed the focus of Houston Zombies and started writing some of my own thoughts down on preparedness.  I also used my rss reader to start following preparedness websites so I didn’t have to jump from website to website and so I could learn more and consume content easily.  It was easy for me.  I was learning a lot.

I spent about two years doing this and getting prepared.

I came to another turning point when I realized that my dad wasn’t using an rss reader.  He was telling me that he was spending time going from site to site that I would share with him. I also assumed that there were probably many others out there who didn’t know how to use an RSS reader either.  All this great preparedness content was being missed.  Remember, people needed to get prepared!

I looked for a preparedness website that would put all the best preparedness content in one place, kind of like the DrudgeReport does everyday.  I looked, but couldn’t find one.

I researched DrudgeReport type themes and PrepperWebsite was born.  There is more to it, God type of stuff, but this is the gist of it all.

I started Ed that Matters as my personal blog to write about education and preparedness.  The DrudgeReport theme doesn’t lend itself to posting articles.  I really never did too much education type stuff on Ed that Matters, so it pretty much is all preparedness.

In February 2017, I launched The Prepper Website Podcast.  Before then, I never felt like I was supposed to do a podcast.  There were so many people doing survival and preparedness podcasts already.

Besides podcasts, one thing that I enjoy listening to are audible books.  I had the idea that a podcast that provided audible versions of the articles I link to on Prepper Website would be beneficial to the Preparedness Community.  I prayed about it for a while.  The Lord knows I don’t need another thing to do!  After a while in prayer, I felt the Lord leading me to get started.

I played around with using software to convert articles, but all the voices were too robotic.  I decided to read them myself instead and provide a little commentary here and there.  The podcast is a weekday podcast.

I love to hear from people who listen to the podcast and who would never have the time to visit Prepper Website to read articles.  I feel like I’m still fulfilling the mission of helping others to prepare, not only through the website, but now through the podcast too!

I don’t know how long I will keep doing it all.  There have been times when I felt like I was putting in a whole lot of work and not getting anything in return.  There are times when I get really tired running the site, working fulltime and pastoring.  But when those times come, I always remember that there is a big purpose here.  It’s time to get prepared!






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