As many of you know we jut got back from the prepping conference we put on in Las Vegas this year. We had a great time at the conference and our favorite part was meeting all the other preppers that were there.

This week Ryan and I did a recap of the conference and talked about what some of our favorite classes were. After that we talked a little bit about home security and the class Ed did at the conference.

Day one of the preparedness conference was a 6 hour Advanced Hemorrhage Control class where we learned about CAT tourniquets, wound packing and other trauma related supplies and skills.

This short video will give you a better idea what the conference was all about…

On Saturday and Sunday we had some great speakers that put together some great classes. A couple that we talked about in the show were solar energy, securing your property, self-defense, Mag (Mutual Assistance Groups), and Situational awareness.

Home Security

In the show we went over some ways we can take our home security to the next level. While we tend to focus on SHTF type scenarios, these techniques can be useful in a “normal” everyday situation.

  • Security Zones: Public, private, semi-private etc…
  • Perimeter security
  • In Home Security
  • SHTF security techniques.

Conference Replay

Because there were so many people that couldn’t make it out to Vegas, we decided to record all the classes at the preparedness conference this year. In the next couple of weeks we will have those videos uploaded and ready to view.

As soon as we do we will have more information on the home page about how you can get access to them.

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