The robots are coming and they want your jobs!

The guys break down the coming collapse of jobs in the USA and around the world. Talking about how no job will be left untouched, how unemployment will rise and how to combat the issues when you can’t find a job for humans.

A few of the areas we talk about are service job: food staff, call centers, and other lower wage jobs that are going to be quickly replaced in the next few years.

We also talk about transportation: trucking, personal cars, and other logistics when it comes to moving things and people. Convinced you can prevent it?

We talk about how we’ll be pushed into this whether we want it or not. How incentives, changing dynamics and things out of our control will shape the future. Finally we talk a little bit about how you can get prepared for the coming robot-Apocalypse.

The Preparedness Experience is more than just a prepper website, we work to share knowledge with you all year long about prepping and then once a year we gather for our conference.

At the event we bring prepping experts together and focus on getting you prepared with a heavy focus on training and education, not endless rows of vendor booths.

We like to cover topics what you should carry every day (EDC), considerations for your bug out bag, or what happens in a disaster or when the SHTF. It could be a natural disaster, civil unrest, financial collapse or some other apocalyptic event. We talk about gear such as fixed blade knives, emergency rations, HAM radios, and paracord.

We cover topics such as food storage, fire starting, water filtering, and self-defense. Whatever you’re interested in, we probably talk about it if it has to do with getting prepared as preppers, prepping, and other survival topics.

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