First Aid Supplies For Preppers The Basics

This week we have a replay of a video that we did way back in July about the basics of first aid and supplies for preppers. For some reason this video got lost in the shuffle and never got added to the podcast.

In this podcast and video Ryan and Dale talked about not only what supplies you might need in a first aid kit, but where you need to keep a first aid kit handy.

First aid is one of the areas of preparedness that we hope we never need to use, but we will be glad it’s there if we do. The truth is, first aid isn’t just for the traumatic injuries, it’s also useful for everyday situations.

Below are some of the topics we covered in this weeks podcast. We also have quite a few other articles and videos on the topic of first aid for preppers.

Different Levels of First Aid Kits

As you put a first aid kit together we should ask ourselves what it’s primary purpose will be. Some kits will be for minor injuries, some for larger injuries that don’t require a hospital visit, and some will be trauma kits.

Different Types of First Aid Kits

Where we plan on storing these first aid kits will also play a factor in why level the first aid kit is. Our home kit will probably be a combination, while our car first aid kits might be geared more towards the trauma supplies.

We should also think about kits in our bug out bags, at work, kits for family members etc…In this article over at Survivalist Prepper Lisa and Dale go into detail about the different types of first aid kits you should have.

Know How to Use What You Have

In the show we talked about how if you don’t have the skills to use the supplies you have, either learn how to use it, or don’t bother having it in the first place.

We can actually do more harm than good if we try to use something like sutures or a nasopharyngeal airway and we’ve only watched a video or 2 about them.

Practice Makes Perfect(ish)

Just like everything that goes into prepping, practicing those skills will only make us better. It can be hard to practice first aid because you don’t want to use all your supplies, but it needs to be done.

Practicing with expired supplies, or buying some cheaper supplies like bandages and gauze at the dollar store will help you keep the better supplies for when they are needed.

Checking Expiration

Just like food storage and other areas of preparedness, our supplies are bound to expire. While some first aid supplies won’t actually “go bad” they will degrade over time.

You don’t necessarily need to go exactly by the expiration date on some supplies, but you should keep it in mind. First aid supplies like tourniquets and medicines should absolutely be rotated out when they expire.

Multi Purpose Items

As preppers we love our multi purpose items. This is because the more we can do with one thing, the less we have to carry.

There are quite a few first aid items that have multiple purposes, and there are quite a few other supplies that can be used for first aid.

First Aid Classes

Taking classes is a great way to expand on our first aid knowledge and skills. While some classes will cost money, some can be done absolutely free.

Watching YouTube videos is great and very useful, but we can’t depend on them. In the show we talked about the cost of taking a full EMT class, as well as some classes you can take in your local community for free.

The Basics of First Aid Video Replay

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