When you think about how prepping has changed in the last 20 years, you can’t help but think about how it’s going to change in the next 20. Prepping and technology can be both a blessing and a curse.

This week the 3 of us talked about how technology has become something straight out of a science fiction movie. At first glance this seems a little far fetched, but as they say “art imitates life.”

Drones: We started the show off talking about this video going around about micro drones that can explode on impact. If enough of these assignation drones were used together, a rouge country could take out a large group of high value targets.

Genetic Modification: With the advancements is science it’s not possible to create a “super human.” We may have law here to limit this, but that doesn’t mean Russia and China aren’t limited.

The NSA: Back 5 or 10 years ago people were up in arms about privacy invasion, these days it seems that we just accept it. The scary thing about this is that they are only getting better at it.

The Face of War: In a podcast we did a little while back we talked about the future of prepping, and what warfare will look like. The days of sending humans to the front lines are going away, and could soon be drones and robots.

The EMP Threat: With the advancements in technology and everything being computerized, it seems that advancing EMP technology is the obvious next step.

Propaganda and Social Media: With the internet, social media, and the 24 hour news cycle news travels faster than ever. While this can benefit us as preppers, it’s also very dangerous. It’s easier than ever these days to program us what to think.

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