As preppers we sometimes get lumped into one category by the main stream media and this could not be further from the truth. Preppers come from all sorts of different backgrounds and most of us are not like the people you see on Doomsday Preppers.

We are average everyday people that choose to take our lives into our own hands and although it is hard for people to believe, I think we have a better grasp on reality than most people in the United States today. I could be wrong…but I doubt it.

I broke preppers down into 7 categories…

The Extreme prepper

The extreme prepper tends to go a little overboard on one aspect of prepping while missing other important aspects all together. They are also the one that can afford the toys most of us only wish we could.

Being an extreme prepper isn’t always a bad thing if done right. It means they can do things most of us are unable to.

Lifestyle prepper

The lifestyle prepper can be broken down into several categories, how far we can go depends on our situation. For some people this means homesteading, and for those in a suburban or urban area it’s food storage and bug out planning.

Each persons situation is different, and the lifestyle prepper does what they can with what they have. Anyone who has been at this for a couple of years is a lifestyle prepper, regardless of their living situation.

The Wannabe/Know it All Prepper

Because anyone can say anything they want on the internet these days, it’s tough to figure out how honest anyone is being. These keyboard warriors are always right, and always have something better than you.

This type of person should be ignored, because no matter how much someone else has (or knows) it isn’t going to affect you one bit. This is also a dangerous type of prepper to be because when the S hit the fan, all their talk means nothing.

The Open Minded Prepper

I think this is the category that  most of us fall into because we are always looking for new ways to make ourselves more self sufficient.

The gateway prepper

We have all been the gateway prepper at one point or another. This is someone who has just gotten into prepping and is on their way to becoming an open minded prepper, or possibly an extreme prepper I suppose.

The Survivalist

A Survivalist has many similarity’s to the prepper because we all have the same goal in mind…survival. Survivalists and preppers are different, but we have quite a few similarity’s.

The Closet prepper

This type of prepper is hesitant to tell anyone about their concerns about society because of fear of ridicule. One way or another we should all be somewhat of a closet prepper.

I also wrote an article over at Survivalist Prepper that goes into a little more detail here.

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