Sanitation is an often-neglected aspect of prepping because it is less exciting when compared to building your BOB, choosing the perfect combination of items for your EDC, or spending time at the gun range.  It is, however, something that will mean the difference between life and death in all disasters, those who take these simple steps will not just survive, but thrive.

staying clean in a disaster

The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and when it comes to disasters this is doubly true because poor sanitation can lead to illness and depending on the circumstances there may not be a cure available.

Kevin, our resident disaster medical expert, says that in a disaster “sometimes you don’t have the option to call the doctor, you just hope you can call the Priest for last rites.”  We want to avoid that and sanitation is a major way we do that.

water borne disease in disasterWe know that sanitation is so important because in historical disasters we see how when civilization breaks down, the toilets don’t work, trash isn’t picked up and water might not be safe.  In Haiti after the earthquake 700,000 suffered from Cholera and 10,000 people died from it.  In Katrina people became ill from dysentery just by water that accidently got in their mouths as they swam to safety.

Sanitation is also a key way that we can keep up morale and maintain some semblance of normalcy in a stressful situation.  When you and your family are able to bathe, wear clean clothes, and keep the body odor at bay, life is just a little easier.

The last reason you should consider sanitation as a major key preparedness answer is that it’s also really simple.  Unlike some preparations like off grid solar systems, finding the perfect bug out bag or learning the finer points of self-defense, you can pick up a few inexpensive items at any store and an hour of planning to cover your basis.

So take some time to dig into our other sanitation articles and keep disease at bay with a few simple considerations.

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