Prep Drill What Would You DO?

In this week’s live video, we decided to take a different approach and talk about different disaster scenarios and talk about what we would do in different situations. While it’s tough to go into any detail about these scenarios, to a good way to think about what you would do.

Most people don’t give disaster scenarios a second thought, and therefor are going to be completely caught off guard. For example, In the video we talked about an EMP, and my bet is that most people have no idea what an EMP is, let alone what it would do.

Like I said, this video wasn’t about setting up a complete game plan for these scenarios, because there are just too many variables that go into the decisions we make. With that being said, thinking about what we would do in survival situations help us formulate a good preparedness plan.

Prep Drill!

Below are some of the hypothetical questions we covered in this week’s video. Keep in mind, there are far too many variables to be too specific, this exercise is meant to get you thinking about what you might do in any specific situation.

Question 1: If you had to choose 1 what would it be, a hand gun, a shot gun, or a rifle?

This question is situation specific, so there really isn’t a “right” answer. Most people I have talked to tend to lean towards a hand gun because it’s light, concealable and gives you more options. In the video we covered the benefits and challenges of each.

Question 2: It’s noon and an EMP strike has taken out the power grid in your area. Where are you, and what are your first actions?

This was an interesting one to hear everyone’s answers. Brian said his first action would be to go to the bathroom because he would probably crap himself haha. The truth is, the average person would have no idea what to do after an EMP strike, let alone know what an EMP is.

Question 3: A large group of sick people (pandemic) are approaching your home (or bug-in location) and could potentially overpower you. Do you stay or leave? Either way you’ll be seen…

This is another question that really depends on what all the details are, but the overwhelming response was standing your ground. Brian did bring up a good point about leaving, and we even talked about underground bunkers.

Question 4: You are on vacation in another state. Let’s say two states away from yours. You traveled by air and were only going to be gone a week. while on your trip the power grid is hacked. You still have some working electronics and vehicle still run but gas pumps don’t. You also have young children with you say 5-10 years old either your children or grandchildren.

This is a good question because staying prepared while your away from home can be a challenge. Hoes is where we have all our supplies, and home is where we are comfortable. The X factor in this scenario is children, because having small children with you changes what you can and would do.

Question 5: NASA advised the largest solar flare in recorded history will pass through earth in 3-4 hours. (Unknown effects at this point), what would you do?

A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) or solar flare would have different effects than an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) would have. While the long-term effects to the power grid will be the same, cars and small electronics may still work.

Question 6: If you knew the S was going to hit the fan and you had time to buy whatever you wanted, what would your last “real” meal be?

My answer to this question was the biggest and best cut of steak I could get my hands on…or maybe 3. Actually, there were quite a few people that mentioned steak and sea food. Brain even mentioned how ice cream would be good, because it may be a long time before you get that again.

Prep Drill Video Replay…

Next Week’s Video

This week here at TPE we are going into detail about an economic collapse, and next week we are going to cover what it might look like before, during and after. An economic collapse is one of those disaster scenarios that can sneak up on us, and we need to be constantly aware of what’s going on.

In the next couple of weeks we have 2 great guests on with us. On Sunday the 20th we will have Samuel Culper on talking about the after effects of a collapse, and on the 27th we will have Glen Tate, the author of the 299 Days book series.

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