Preparing for a hurricane is fairly straight forward, and as far as natural disasters go they are one of the easiest to prepare for. With a hurricane you have quite a bit of lead time to get your ducks in a row, whereas an earthquake or tornado’s give you very little warning.

Preparing to survive a hurricane is obviously the number one priority, but that could be just the first hurdle in a long process. The damage a hurricane can cause, the supplies you need, and the human element means that preparing for the aftermath of a hurricane is not that straight forward.

In this video we went over what some of those things might be. As with any disaster scenario, there are many different variables, and the more we plan for them the better off we will be. Below is a breaif description about some of the topics we covered in this week’s video.

The Storm Has Passed

We started off the video talking about what we might expect after a hurricane depending its severity, and how badly your area was affected. Looking at the damage of past hurricanes, and how people reacted is a great way to get an idea about what could happen.

Looting and Rioting

Criminals are opportunists, and when any disaster strikes you can bet that there are people waiting to take advantage. We also need to consider that it’s not just the criminal element we need to be concerned about, but people who may be in dire straits.

Damage and First Responders

Immediately following a hurricane first responders are always on the ball, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. What they can do all depends on the severity of the storm and the damage it has caused. As we have seen from past hurricanes, we can’t depend on someone else to come and help us out.

Being the Gray Man

There are quite a few reasons why being the gray man is important following any disaster scenario, and it really depends on the severity of the disaster. There is a fine line we need to walk between helping other people in need, while still maintaining our operational security.


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