Thanks to everyone who came! We'll see you next year!

@ North American Rescue In Las Vegas  |   March 22nd - 24th

What to Expect...

Hands on Learning

We can learn a lot by watching something being done, but nothing beats getting hand on and doing it yourself.

Meet Other Preppers

One of my favorite parts of conferences like this is getting to meet like minded preppers and the speakers.

Preparedness Classes

Being prepared is about more than just what supplies you have, it’s also about the knowledge in your head.

Hemorrhage Control

Day 1 of the conference will include a 6 hour enhanced hemorrhage control class, and a VIP meet and greet. (Limited Availability)

The Experience

All Access Pass - 2 Days Of Workshops

24 Expert Lead Session Per Day

Preparedness Q&A Sessions

In Depth Prepper Skills & Advice

Meet Our Expert Speakers & Fellow Preppers


    The VIP Experience

    Advanced Hemorrhage Course - 6 Hrs Hands On

    All Access Pass - 3 Days Of Workshops

    24 Expert Lead Session Per Day

    Preparedness Q&A Sessions

    In Depth Prepper Skills & Advice

    Meet Our Expert Speakers & Fellow Preppers


      The event will be held at North American Rescue Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 22nd thru the 24th

      Due to unforeseen circumstances the class schedule and speakers have changed a little. We have done our best to include as many of the previous classes offered as possible.

      The class schedule is packed with prepping and survival classes, and also includes the Friday Enhanced Hemorrhage Control Class (add on) and a Expert Panel discussion on Sunday afternoon.

      Click on the tabs above to view what we have planned for each day.


      Advance Hemorrhage Control

      The enhanced hemorrhage control class is designed for those who have little or no medical training but may be called upon to respond to and deliver trauma care and bleeding control prior to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrival, or in an austere environment.


      Students of this program will be exposed to a myriad of realistic scenarios using life saving equipment and problem solving challenges and solutions to enhance their training experience.


      Day 1: Enhanced Hemorrhage Control


      08:00 — 08:50          Registration And Networking

      09:00 — 12:00          Enhanced Hemorrhage Control Class


      1 Hour Intermission And Lunch Break


      01:00 — 03:00          Enhanced Hemorrhage Control Class

      04:00 — 05:00          Closing Remarks, Group Pictures, And Networking

      06:00                       Optional Meet and Greet

      Day 2 Class Schedule

      08:00 — 08:30          Opening Remarks & Overview

      08:30 — 09:20          Forest Garvin – Building a Preparedness Binder

      09:30 — 10:20          Ryan Mitchell – Growing 2000 Calories

      10:30 — 11:20          Sara Hathaway – Self Defense

      1 1/2 Hour Intermission And Lunch Break

      01:00 — 01:50          Dale Goodwin – Prepper Communications

      02:00 — 02:50          Ed Clark – Personal Risk Assessment

      03:00 — 03:50          Eva King – Solar Energy

      04:00 — 04:50          Brain Duff – Trauma Medicine

      05:00 — 05:50         Closing Remarks, Group Pictures, And Networking

      Day 2 Class Schedule

      08:00 — 08:30          Networking

      08:30 — 09:20          Lisa – Sanitation and Prevention

      09:30 — 10:20          Ed Clark – Securing your property

      10:30 — 11:20          Ryan Mitchell – Finding a Survival Retreat

      1 1/2 Hour Intermission And Lunch Break

      01:00 — 01:50          Lisa Goodwin – First aid and supplies

      02:00 — 02:50          Brian Duff – Situational Awareness

      03:00 — 03:50          Forest Garvin – Mutual Assistance Groups (MAG)

      04:00 — 04:50          Expert Panel – Preparedness Topic to be determined

      05:00 — 06:00         Closing Remarks, Group Pictures, And Networking

      06:00          Optional Dinner

      Meet The Speakers & Guests

      Brian Duff

      Host of the Mind4Survival website and podcast, former Army Ranger, Paramedic, Firefighter, High Threat Security Specialist.

      Ed Clark

      Retired US Army Special Forces Officer with developing infrastructure protection programs and armed response capabilities.

      Forest Garvin

      Founder of Prepper Net (formerly Carolina Prepper Network) and host of the Prepping Academy Podcast

      Ryan Mitchell

      Owner of TheTinyLife website, best selling tiny house author and currently lives off the grid in his tiny home.

      Lisa Goodwin

      RN specializing in wound care, self proclaimed conspiracy theorist, and host of the Survivalist Prepper Podcast

      Eva King

      Founder of Beyond MREs, decades of survivalist & prep experience, years of solar experience, and a former certified fitness trainer."

      Dale Goodwin

      Creator of the Survivalist Prepper website, podcast and academy. Dale describes himself as "the average everyday prepper".

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